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You’re juggling a considerable workload as a business owner. Can’t find the right moment to straighten out your budgeting entanglements. So, years go by. But you’re still underpricing yourself. And feeling anxious because life is short. I get it. Let’s fix it together!

I'm a profit strategist & pricing master

After 12 years of experience at Big4 consulting firms, helping international companies like LG, McDonald’s, Samsung, CircleK, Unilever, 4Finance, Heidelberg etc. solve their pricing and tax issues, I’m highly qualified in the field. For the last 5 years, I’ve been helping service providers, business owners, freelancers, and managers like you get paid more while working less.

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Profit Potential Diagnostics (PPD)

You are different, and so are your circumstances. To provide truly personalized advice, my team has created the Profit Potential Diagnostics. It’s an innovative tool that helps you uncover where the additional profit of your business has been hiding. Learn more

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Partnership Experience

Only 2 human beings per year for this 1:1 experience, so this is the most exclusive way to work with me! It’s more than mentorship; this is partnership and friendship. I am immersing into your business like it is my own. Learn more

1800 $ / month +15% of extra revenue

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Mentorship Experience

You already have a business or freelance career but you  don’t feel you earn enough. Or you may think you need a more lucrative niche. Don’t ditch something you love; join this 1:1 experience and surprise yourself! Learn more

960 $ / month with a commitment 3+ months

Profitable Business Day

Not ready for the long-term commitment? Don’t need me in your pocket all the time but want to strategize together to multiply profit on your own? Borrow my brain with 15 years of experience in business and pricing! Learn more

900 $ – it includes 250 eur credit towards
Mentorship Experience

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Streamline everything with EASY


Every freelancer, business owner, or manager experiences difficult work situations several times a year. How to increase prices? How to fire someone? How to request a payment? Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with MailEASY email templates! Learn more

17 – 97 $


Practical training with 8 formulas to make you stand out and never struggle with naming your course, training, services, package, or anything you create. With NameEASY you will create a title for your newest digital product in minutes by quickly going through well-tried formulas. Learn more

111 $


Stick pens in your eyes or look at your finances – what do you choose? Organize your personal or business income and expenses with FinEASY! It’s a user-friendly monthly finance tracker for small business owners and freelancers who don’t have braingasms every time they see a number! Learn more

49 $

Hey, I’m Jana
from Pink Unifox

For 12 years, I worked at Big4 consulting firms helping international companies solve their pricing and tax issues while actively working on my mindset. I felt accomplished and experienced enough to leave my high-paying corporate job four years ago.

Since then, I have been consulting as a chief financial officer and helping individuals and business owners get paid more for their services.

I combine the best of both worlds – financial knowledge and seemingly invisible but powerful mindset work. I help service providers like you to thrive financially while working less and enjoying life.

Are you a freelancer or a service-based business owner? I can help you establish profitable pricing strategies, remove money mindset blocks and make non-sleazy sales. 

You can benefit significantly from working with a profit mentor. I am ready to start a mission to make you more confident and more independent.

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