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Was this project worth the hustle?

How many times have you asked yourself this question after the project is over?


Don’t worry, you’re not alone in avoiding looking at the numbers to see if all your hard work was worth it in the end.

Regardless of whether it was or wasnt, you should do that for every project so that you can improve for the next one.
Or even better, do an assessment before so you know, what project fee is worth your time.

if you have ever felt like this:

Get it for a price of a couple Starbucks drinks

Do your clients put you on the spot when they ask you how much for this new project?

This stops today with a must-have project calculator!

Hug your new buddy ProjectPROFIT

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ProjectPROFIT is your bestie
when it comes to establishing price of a project, profitability & all project expenses.

ProjectPROFIT is more than just a spreadsheet

It shows you each step in project price creation process, gives you a wide range of possible expenses, shows you project stages and profitability so you can learn from data for your next project.

  • Fast to use – just 10 minutes to input all your raw data
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Play with input data and see your profitability and project hourly rate change in real time
  • Accurate project rate calculations
  • Customisable
  • Re-use for every project

29 $

What if I don't know how much I want to receive as a salary?

Check out ProfitHOUR to calculate your minimum (or dream) hourly rate and find out how much you should receive per hour to have the financial freedom you desire.

In addition there are other beneficial uses for your hourly rate!

Here are a few examples:

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ProjectPROFIT can help you to:

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ProjectPROFIT love notes from happy users

Ieva from PowerCatz
Ieva from PowerCatz
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I downloaded and worked through the ProjectPROFIT spreadsheet - it is so good! I used to doubt if I should charge for small scope creeps. ProjectPROFIT opened my eyes. Now I know if I have a room for small client requests and don't work with unprofitable clients anymore. I couldn't be happier, I get to spend more time outside. Thank you so much for creating it!
Laura Rate
Laura Rate
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I am just starting to transition from corporate to freelancing and ProfitHOUR has been a lifesaver for me. I knew what services I wanted to offer but didn't know where to begin with the rates. This is so clear to me now! I got both ProfitHOUR and ProjectPROFIT, best investment in my freelance career.
Sanda Weber
Sanda Weber
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I downloaded and worked through the ProjectPROFIT spreadsheet - it is fantastic. Makes managing project $ so easy and I appreciate all the project stages you have created.
Domoina Mi
Domoina Mi
Read More
I like this tool to get more organized. The purchase process is easy too, the same for the delivery. Thank you very much!


After purchasing ProjectPROFIT you will receive a link to a Google Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains instructions and the calculator.

The calculator is filled with sample numbers and contains comments for you to understand why or how. Make a copy to your Google Drive and start using the calculator. That simple!

You can use ProjectPROFIT calculator forever, for as many projects as you like.

You will also get FREE updates of the product. You are NOT allowed to resell or share it in any other way with other people, including your team members and your business bestie.

But if you love the product, you can sign up to be my affiliate and earn money by suggesting it to others. Become my affiliate HERE.

ProjectPROFIT has been made as simple as possible for you to use, with me demonstrating each step with arrows and comments.

Due to the low-cost nature of the product, I am unable to provide personalized support.

However, if you have problems with accessing the product or don’t receive an email after purchase, email me at and my team will help you with that.

That is unlikely but in any case, we can work together in 1:1 capacity. For example, if after using the calculator, you realise you need help with boosting your project profitability. Book HERE (PPD) and make a note when paying that you need help with the ProjectPROFIT calculator (instead of PPD).

Once you make the payment, wait for my email and I will reach out to you with the next steps (not automated).

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Now I help small business owners and freelancers to do the same through strategic pricing, improving their money mindset, sales psychology, and efficient business & personal finance management.

My clients have 2x-10x their rates and bank accounts. Does it sound like something you would need too? Contact me to discuss working 1:1 or get the ProjectPROFIT!

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I want to enjoy life instead of wasting more time on projects that don’t bring me financial freedom

Interested in calculating project pricing AND your hourly rates?
Check out a bundle of ProjectPROFIT and ProfitHOUR and save a latte or two.

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