Would you rather stick pens in your eyes than look at your finances?

If you are already holding a pen to prove the point, hold on!

User-friendly monthly finance tracker for small business owners & freelancers


This tracker will save your eyes and your wallet! It is perfect for organizing personal or business income and expenses, easy-breezy budgeting, and is customizable to fit like a silky glove into your lifestyle. 

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Fun & intuitive monthly finance tracker & budgeting tool you will look forward to open

You don’t have a braingasm
every time you see a number

And if we play a game where you have to tell me the first thing that pops into your head when I say Finance+Tracker, your face would look like you have seen the famous Sardinian forbidden cheese with live jumping maggots for the first time. Yikes!

But let me tell you this. It is often not what but HOW you get to do something that changes everything.

I don’t believe in a mentality of just getting over something. I believe in things being FUN, EASY, AND PLEASURABLE. Everyone gets to enjoy diving deeper into their finances if presented in a way that is NOT boring or complicated.

Does any of this sound like you

What if you had a tool that would give you pleasure when diving deeper into your finances

Meet FinEASY

The easiest way to manage your PERSONAL and/or BUSINESS finances

Click on the video to see FinEASY in action

It is not your regular Google spreadsheet

FinEASY is NOT a boring spreadsheet that you want to close faster than if a bear was chasing you!

You don’t have to search for a month to enter your data and try to make sense of it. Instead, it has an automated and fun data entry sheet, and the rest is done for you.

Yup! That EASY!

And if budgeting is your cup of tea, you can set it up in minutes and enjoy seeing the progress every month. If you don’t, let it rest and just enjoy the monthly tracking.

FinEASY features

FinEASY is for you if ...

FinEASY receives love notes from happy users

Abigail from English with Abigail
Abigail from English with Abigail
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Thank you for creating FinEASY, I love it even though I hate accounting.
Sara Gazar
Sara Gazar
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It is so amazing! I just started my first job, I just had my first salary, a couple of months ago. FinEASY helps me to track my money and start to have savings!
Sandy Evans
Sandy Evans
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I downloaded and worked through the FinEASY spreadsheet - it is fantastic. Makes recording money so easy and I appreciate all the categries you have created.
Domoina Mi
Domoina Mi
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I like this tool to get more organized. The purchase process is easy too, the same for the delivery. Thank you very much!


FinEASY is a user-friendly automated Google Sheets spreadsheet that is perfect for organizing your personal and/or business income and expenses, tracking and keeping you accountable with savings, and helping you stick to the budget while being FUN, QUICK, AND INTUITIVE.


You just need a basic, free Gmail account to be able to use FinEASY.

FinEASY works best on DESKTOP version of Google Sheets.

You can view stats on your mobile or tablet, but the best and easiest way for data entry is with the DESKTOP version of Google Sheets.

Currently, Google does NOT support automation in this worksheet on mobile or tablet. 

I will update you when it changes.

You can customize it to your needs if you want to. But you don’t have to. Everything is set up for you to be able to start using it right away.

You can change categories and subcategories, currency, date format, colors, and fonts.

You can choose to budget if you want to. Or you can skip this part and track your finances.

Use it in a way that works best for you!

YES. You will get step-by-step instructions to be able to start using FinEASY. They are simple, and you will be good to go in minutes.

If you are familiar with Google Sheets, you will have no problems setting it up without instructions.

You can use it for business finance, personal finance, or both.

The categories and subcategories in the worksheet are divided into business and personal so that you can make the most out of FinEASY. Just make two copies and start sorting your finances in minutes!

ABSOLUTELY. You will have unlimited access to the worksheet, plus any future updates to FinEASY.

Click on the yellow chat bubble in the bottom-right corner if your question is not answered here

Hey, I'm Jana, your finance wizard

Why should you borrow a bit of my brain

For the last 15+ years, I have worked with hundreds of international companies and helped them increase profit in their business. Among them are McDonald’s, Samsung, LG, CircleK, Unilever, 4Finance, Heidelberg, and many more.

Now I help small business owners and freelancers to do the same through strategic pricing, improving their money mindset, sales psychology, and efficient business & personal finance management.

My clients have 2x-10x their rates and bank accounts. Does it sound like something you would need too? Contact me to discuss working 1:1 or get the FinEASY!

49 $

Knowledge is power.
Get to know your finances!

Simplify your finance tracking

Enjoy this user-friendly and automated instrument that is perfect for organizing your income and expenses, tracking and keeping you accountable with savings, and helping you stick to the budget while being fun, quick, and intuitive!

You get to customize your FinEASY as much or little as you want so it fits into your lifestyle like a missing piece of a puzzle. Once you start recording your transactions, you will get that satisfying feeling every time you see how the automation works when you press the button.

Small braingasms every time!

49 $

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Refund Policy

This is a low-cost product, so no refunds apply.

This product is not for you if you dislike Google spreadsheets or if you are looking for advanced accounting software. It is also not for you if you expect not to do any work at all.