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An honest blog about taboo topics of pricing

How much do you really earn per hour

You get paid for every hour at a corporate job, regardless of what you do. However, as a service provider, you need to spend several hours to acquire the client who will pay you for the hour. Let’s see the formulas to calculate the actual rate you’re earning!

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3 crucial terms you should know to earn more

You hear that someone had a 10k sales month. Or a 10k launch. Or a 10k cash month. What does it mean? Well, these 10k numbers don’t include expenses & taxes. And most importantly, it is not what you can put directly in your pocket!

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3 common pricing mistakes & how to fix them

You should only get into value pricing after mastering the basics! Carefully craft your service packages, and stop going up and down on a price rollercoaster. Book your call to fix the pricing issues and set up an excellent pricing strategy!

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