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Don’t want to charge based on hours?

Know your hourly rate anyway! Useful for determining package/project pricing, making easy outsourcing decisions or any other purchase decisions in your business.


What can you do with 900 seconds of your time?

Watching a half episode of your favorite series?

Mindlessly scrolling on social media and laughing at cat videos?

Talking to your best friend about how badly you both needs vacations?


Doing any or all of that is up to you, but…

What if I told you that you could spend the next 15 minutes doing something that will change your life and business forever and save you so much time that you could binge watch all of the Friends seasons?

Sounds intriguing?
Let me ask you this:

Find out for yourself!

Introducing ProfitHOUR

Get answers to these questions with ProfitHOUR - a game-changing hourly rate calculator!

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ProfitHOUR is your best friend when it comes to establishing your hourly rate.

ProfitHOUR is not like your typical DIY spreadsheet that leaves you puzzled

It shows you step-by-step how each number is created and you will be amazed how clear it is, even if you don’t like numbers or even if you have created one yourself.

  • Fast to use – just 15 minutes to input all your raw data
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Play with input data and see your hourly rate change in real time
  • Accurate hourly rate calculations
  • Customisable
  • Re-use every year to adjust based on your business needs

You might say ...

Pffff… I don’t charge based on hours. I’ve created attractive packages that don’t require me to sell my time based on hours.

Oh, ok. Check out ProjectPROFIT here for a quick reality check.

But don’t forget that there are other beneficial uses for your hourly rate!

Here are a few examples:

ProfitHOUR can help you to:

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ProfitHOUR love notes from happy users

Eva (graphic design)
Eva (graphic design)
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I sometimes take projects on a side, apart from my corporate job. I used to charge so little that I feel embarrassed now. ProfitHOUR opened my eyes. And I will use it in January again to plan for the next year, so I can take my kids to Disney. Thank you!
Laura Rate
Laura Rate
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I am just starting to transition from corporate to freelancing and ProfitHOUR has been a lifesaver for me. I knew what services I wanted to offer but didn't know where to begin with the rates. This is so clear to me now! I got both ProfitHOUR and ProjectPROFIT, best investment in my freelance career.
Ieva from PowerCatz
Ieva from PowerCatz
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I downloaded and worked through the ProfitHOUR spreadsheet - it is fantastic! I used to be underpaid but now I know the true cost of my hour. The clients I get now after I have ProfitHOUR pay me more and are delight to work with. Thank you so much for creating it!
Domoina Mi
Domoina Mi
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I like this tool to get more organized. The purchase process is easy too, the same for the delivery. Thank you very much!


After purchasing ProfitHOUR you will receive a link to a Google Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains instructions and the calculator.

The calculator is filled with sample numbers and contains comments for you to understand why or how. Make a copy to your Google Drive and start using the calculator. That simple!

YES, it does!

You will be surprised how many of additional items it takes into account that probably never crossed your mind.

Please note that this is designed to be a worldwide calculator, so taxes are approximate and it gives you ability to add specific tax rates of your country.

However, this cannot be considered as a tax advice. For precise tax calculations, a tax advisor is needed. If you need someone in your country, email me at and I will put you in contact with my ex-colleagues that are tax specialists. But for the purposes of establishing hourly rate, this calculator is sufficient.

You can use ProfitHOUR calculator forever, your numbers might (and should) change over the years. Feel free to update it and use it as often as you want, it’s yours forever.

You will also get FREE updates of the product. You are NOT allowed to resell or share it in any other way with other people, including your team members and your business bestie.

But if you love the product, you can sign up to be my affiliate and earn money by suggesting it to others. Become my affiliate HERE.

ProfitHOUR has been made as simple as possible for you to use, with me demonstrating each step with arrows and comments.

Due to the low-cost nature of the product, I am unable to provide personalized support.

However, if you have problems with accessing the product or don’t receive an email after purchase, email me at and my team will help you with that.

In that case, we can work together in 1:1 capacity. Book HERE (PPD) and make a note when paying that you need help figuring out your hourly rate with the ProfitHOUR calculator (instead of PPD).

Once you make the payment, wait for my email and I will reach out to you with the next steps (not automated).

Click on the yellow chat bubble in the bottom-right corner if your question is not answered here

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I want to watch series instead of wasting more time on calculating my hourly rate

Interested in calculating hourly rates AND project pricing?
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