Ex-corporate financial consultant for multi-national companies & the founder of Pink Unifox

Hello, I'm Jana

During my 12+ years of a corporate job, I have worked with hundreds of international companies and helped increase their business profit.

Five years ago, I established Pink Unifox to help small business owners and freelancers achieve the same – through strategic pricing, improving their money mindset, sales psychology, and efficient business management.

With Pink Unifox you will find what you need to build an insanely profitable online service-based business.

Ex-corporate financial consultant for multi-national companies & the founder of Pink Unifox

Different approach

I focus on business profits, not just sales, likes, or looks. Profit and cash are the lifeblood of your business. There is no use of sales if you don’t take most of it home. Profit first; all the rest is secondary.

You can sell at higher rates without adding more working hours through a pricing strategy. Pricing strategy is currently an underutilized tool that will help you to stand out from the competition. There is much more to pricing than copying your competitor’s prices.


I’ve spent 20 000+ hours on client work and research and tens of thousands of dollars on education – academic, courses, programs, and mentorships. I’ve read millions of books about pricing, sales, and business and implemented everything in real life. I actively keep reading, experimenting, and learning every day for hours and hours, and I looove it.

Ready to earn your trust

When it comes to online business consulting, there is a lot of noise out there and many choices. Thousands of young wantrepreneurs teach you how to do business without any real business background. And I know I need to earn your trust before you believe a word I say. Here’s a little about my experience if you are curious.

My entrepreneurial journey

My experience starts in the corporate world, where I gained most of my pricing, sales, negotiation, and business management skills. I led a transfer pricing department for many years, comparable to leading an independent business within a larger organization (setting financial goals, budgeting, finding clients, selling projects, implementing, financial management, and mentoring my team).

Later I went on my own and started a couple of private businesses, gaining additional experience in running a business independently, without being backed by a large corporation. It has been challenging, and I had times when I wanted to quit. But I was stubborn. Thankfully, my doubts ‘am I cut out for this’ never won, allowing me to turn my invaluable experiences into a resource to help you.

During my career, I saw many freelancers, often in a creative field, who were insanely talented, yet struggled to make ends meet. That’s why I decided to help service-based business owners and freelancers charge what their skills are worth to have a profitable business that gives them financial freedom.

My career at a glance


It is my last year of academic studies for my bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics, and I am starting my consulting career in one of the Big4 consulting firms.

It is an excellent career choice for someone who loves numbers and excels at languages simultaneously.

I speak to colleagues worldwide in English daily and work on challenging projects with international clients in Latvian, English, and Russian. At the same time, I’m keeping my German and Spanish language skills alive by chatting with friends and acquaintances. 


After I change my job to another Big4 consulting firm, my career skyrockets.

I am leading a transfer pricing department, representing clients in court, working with multinational companies helping them save millions of euros every year, and lecturing at seminars.

I’m also growing and coaching my team, which allows us to be recognized as the #1 Baltic States Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year by International Tax Review several years in a row.


I become a member of ACCA  – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It helps me grow as a professional, understand how to uncover profit in the business, and manage business finances beyond standard accounting.

I also dive deeper into the self-development journey and start with mindset practices.



I burn out and realize I long for a different life. Quit my job to pursue my hobby – photography as a business. I open a portrait photography business and start everything from zero.

10x my prices within a year!

I battle 1001 money mindset issues and sometimes feel awkward due to the absence of the seeming financial stability of a previous corporate job.



I continue consulting after realizing that photography is missing one crucial element that I enjoy and am exceptional at – mentoring 1:1.

I dive deep into personal development and mindset work. I constantly notice a direct correlation between mindset practices and the ability to charge premium and have more profit in my business.

Also, I buy some apartments to rent out in the center of the capital city – Riga, and it turns out that I’m great with real estate.


I discover the online business coaching world and look no further. Set up an Instagram account to show my 14 years of expertise in pricing, consulting, and managing business finances to help service providers get paid more and have an insanely profitable business.


As I notice that many of my clients ask similar questions, I develop digital products to scale, expand my audience and offer to experience my skills at a lower price point.

Coaching about business and pricing strategies and consultation business, digital products, business portrait photography, and rental business – everything runs well.

However, I must admit that life hasn’t been rose-colored. I manage to fight and gain a victory in one of the biggest battles of my life – after multiple chemotherapy courses, I’m proud to say I’m a cancer survivor.

2022 / 2023

I aim to find a place I can call a second home to spend my winters. My first trial is in Mexico.

So I am having only the most incredible six-month vacation in Mexico, which I consider an investment in myself. Or workation? I keep consulting and mentoring, of course.

And dancing. And photography. Did I say I’m almost fluent in Spanish?

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I aspire to help 1000 service-based entrepreneurs and freelancers, mainly through my 1:1 work, to increase their profit so they can have the financial freedom they have always dreamt about.

Some of the brands I have worked with

Money is power. Power to take time off when you want and need it, be able to pay for your kid’s private school, take your whole family on vacation without worrying about how much it’s going to cost, donate to a cause you believe in, pay off your debt or buy a house. You choose!

You can achieve any of that! Once you build a profitable business, it’s up to you what to do with it. More profit is more money in your pocket and the freedom to do whatever you desire. I know you are passionate about what you do. It is time to invest in yourself and make your dreams a reality. Let me show you exactly how to do it!