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Hey, online business owner, course creator, freelancer, coach, consultant, strategist, or service provider! Does this sound like you ?

without getting 199 grey hairs in your next product naming session

Discover great ways to create attractive & juicy product names with NameEASY

Being boring is catastrophic in the shouting match of modern marketing

Every day in Facebook groups, I see people asking to vote for the best name for their digital product. Unfortunately, most names don’t stand out, and even if I voted, none of them would pick my interest enough to find out more.

I get it.

You have been taught to do market research, engage your audience in product creation to make them emotionally invested, and gather different opinions. And if you want to do that, it’s ok.

But this type of market research doesn’t work. Why?

You will get votes from people who are not your buyers. And if none of the names attract people, they choose not to vote as they don’t want to tell you that the names are ‘meeeehhh’. 

How to create great titles without hundreds of hours of work

Have you observed a certain scenario that directors use to make a Hollywood movie attractive to viewers?

The same goes for names. There are science and formulas behind naming your newest digital creations. 

In the NameEASY training, I will show you exactly how to come up with juicy and memorable names so that you never have to waste hours in Facebook groups asking to brainstorm the titles for you.

There is a better use of your time than scanning thousands of resources, putting up several name polls in Facebook groups, and then being disappointed with the results from random people who probably are not even your buyers.

I invented the naming formulas after analyzing THOUSANDS of courses, book & service titles & researching what made them memorable & attractive

Would you choose A or B?

A: Spend a whole day thinking about product names until you forget your own

B: Have a fun day with friends or pick up your favorite hobby

B, B, my answer is B!!!

In that case, you will love this new NameEASY training!

You will create a name for your newest digital product in minutes by quickly going through well-tried formulas. It will be as easy as cheating on a math test at school!

Some of the things I'm covering in the NameEASY training

At the end of this training, you’ll have a viable name for your current offer


This training will save you hours of struggle, bring clarity to naming digital products & services & help you stand out from the crowd

Name your services confidently now & forever

Technical details

Once you pay for the training, you receive a confirmation email with the access link. It contains a recording of the training, slides & a transcript. You have access to the materials forever.

You are invited to join my client-only Facebook group to ask additional questions!

The training recording is 45 minutes long, and besides the video, you also receive slides and a transcript for just 111 $


Abigail from English with Abigail
Abigail from English with Abigail
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Thank you for creating FinEASY, I love it even though I hate accounting.
Sara Gazar
Sara Gazar
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It is so amazing! I just started my first job, I just had my first salary, a couple of months ago. FinEASY helps me to track my money and start to have savings!
Sandy Evans
Sandy Evans
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I downloaded and worked through the FinEASY spreadsheet - it is fantastic. Makes recording money so easy and I appreciate all the categries you have created.
Domoina Mi
Domoina Mi
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I like this tool to get more organized. The purchase process is easy too, the same for the delivery. Thank you very much!

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This training is not for you if you can come up with different titles for your digital creations in minutes and people love them and buy them. It is also not for you if you expect not to do any thinking work at all.