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6 steps to profitable side hustle


HustleQueen: 6 steps to a profitable side hustle from DAY 1
HustleQueen is a short, no-nonsense training designed to guide you through the essentials of launching a profitable side hustle. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your approach, this training provides everything you need to succeed without the fluff.





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HustleQueen training includes:

Implement the 6 easy steps immediately and witness tangible results from Day 1, reflected in your bank account.

Author & Origin

Although I’ve traveled extensively, lived abroad, and worked with hundreds of noteworthy international companies, I originally come from Latvia – a relatively small country in Northern Europe.

Latvians enjoy a long seashore with white-sanded beaches and natural wilderness that surprisingly goes together with one of the highest internet speeds in the world. So lucky.

I began my education in Latvia with a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and economics. I speak Latvian, English, German, Russian, and Spanish, and I’ve started learning French. Latvia has only 2 million inhabitants, so we excel at speaking several foreign languages.

My family and other Latvians drink birch juice in spring, pick wild mushrooms in autumn, and are endlessly proud of our land, which is almost entirely covered by rich forests.

I reside in Riga, a capital city of Latvia that serves as an important business center of the Baltic region. This year, I’ve replaced the northern winter with caliente Mexico. Warm ocean breeze, vibrant colors.

If we haven’t worked together yet, here you can find out about my education, certification, career, and entrepreneurial journey.

Cheese. Mexico. Secure people. Hugs.
Love, Jana

6 steps to profitable side hustle